About mondaytofriday

mondaytofriday.com is here to make your working week work better. It began life as a way for homeowners with spare rooms to reach professional people who needed a weekday home near their work. People on short term contracts, on secondment, starting new jobs or with long daily commutes were able to team up with people happy to share their homes in the working week. It proved a win-win solution for both parties, with homeowners making use of the government’s rentaroom tax break whilst still retaining privacy at weekends.

We started in 2004 and have helped thousands of mondaytofridayers since then. With lodging under our belt, we moved on to look at other services that would help people make their working weeks easier by sharing resources and information. mondaytofriday:DeskSpace and mondaytofriday:MeetingPlace followed.

The team that founded and runs mondaytofriday.com is committed to provide a dynamic, responsive, easy-to-use, reasonably priced web-based service, dedicated to making the working week work better. If you have ideas about how we can do this better, please send them to us at admin@mondaytofriday.com.