The freedom of self-employment without sacrificing a regular income

Guarantee a stable monthly income and gain peace of mind, by finding a perfect weekday lodger for your home with the UK's Rent a Room scheme.

Leaving the security of a permanent job and a reliable paycheck can be a daunting lifestyle change. But for the chance to choose your own hours and follow your passion, the number of self-employed individuals is on the rise with 13% of all UK workers currently working for themselves. 

Being your own boss is an exciting prospect. It can mean the chance to get creative and build something new, gain self-fulfilment, true independence and a sense of freedom in setting your own hours. 

But following your calling comes with a few considerations. Working alone, inconsistency in jobs and long payment terms can be challenging, especially in the current climate.

MondaytoFridaying provides an easy way to ensure that you have a guaranteed monthly income to cover the bills and give you peace of mind so that you can focus your energy on your business. Your home remains entirely yours (unlike a shared tenancy agreement), but taking in a lodger for a few nights each week means you can enjoy company and a reliable tax-free income, while having the place to yourself during the weekends.

Hear from our self-employed Monday to Friday hosts:


Susan Wright, with a room in a 2-bed apartment in Maida Vale, London:

“Initially I took a lodger because I was changing career to become self-employed, and wanted the confidence of an additional income, and the presence of another person in the flat, given that I was working from home. For me it has been an unqualified success and I have liked all 6 of the lodgers who have stayed since I started. As a higher rate tax payer it represents an additional £12,500 pa to my income with minimal costs and I still have the use of the room at weekends to host visitors. The responsibility of a ‘customer’ also ensures I keep on top of flat cleaning and maintenance.”


Sarah Stones, with a room in a 2-bed Victorian house in St Neots, Cambridgeshire:

I am self-employed as a motivational coach helping people to find careers they love and know how important it is that we connect with other people. Working from home can mean you don’t see many people so having a lodger is important to me. it means I have someone else coming and going who I physically see and chat to. Generating income from my second bedroom gives me a base income every month. Having extra tax free income is a real boost and something that is very important to me, especially at the moment. I really enjoy having my home to myself at the weekend so using helps me to find people who want lodgings rather than a permanent home. It’s a great site that helps me connect with the right people.”