Beautiful ancient rooms (self-contained, with private garden) in Chelvey Court – with grand piano


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There's a nicely furnished very large living room with old limestone floor and an enormous, ancient fireplace.  The room has a grand piano ('boudoir' grand i.e. small-ish). This room, facing East, looks out and opens onto a private walled sunken garden with a centrepiece of boxed (topiaried) hedges.  You can see 13thC St Bridget's church tower a hundred metres away, rising above the retaining wall which shelters the garden.  All of Chelvey's gardens and parkland are yours to enjoy, although the sunken garden is principally yours.

The entrance to your part of the house is through this sunken garden.  An ancient door is your private front entrance, opening into the main room.  

Your kitchen is in a freestanding cupboard with sink, hob, fridge and storage space, modest but adequate.

The bathroom is yours alone.  The room is mosaiced most beautifully - in the big shower, around the large sink and behind the wc.

Then up ancient stone stairs, through the 14thC pointed stone-arched doorway and into the cosiest small double bedroom.  It's like a monk's cell - just beautiful.

We change your bedlinen and clean your rooms once every other week.  Other than on those occasions, you may hear us move around but with three doors and a lobby separating our living spaces from yours, it's unlikely that our paths will often cross.

Heating is by electric night storage heaters - new, not the old-fashioned type, plus a wood burning stove (logs available).

Broadband is fibre optic, fast and efficient.

Your rooms are fully furnished.  You won't need to bring additional furniture.

Our charge is £135 per week plus a contribution to electricity and heating – £50 p.m. (April – October) and £150 (November – April).

We want you to stay for a minimum two weeks but would prefer you to stay for a month - or, better still, for six months (longer is even better).



Katy is a working sculptor and Keith an architect (retired).  Our house, Chelvey Court, mentioned in the Domesday Book, is an ancient Manor House largely built in the early 1600s.  The rooms we are offering are of earlier vintage - for example, the pointed arch doorway to the small double bedroom is reputedly 14thC while the large main room is of the late 1500s with a beautiful limestone floor of that age.

Thirty six years ago, we moved to Chelvey in the depths of an unusually cold winter, with our four sons then aged one year to six and a half years old, when the place was a wreck.  The sons, now grown up, are all in Bristol; we remain in Chelvey, now 'risen' to be a beautiful home set in delightful parkland of our making.   

Transport nearby

There's adequate parking for one car and bike on site. A frequent bus service to Bristol or Weston-s-mare is a mile away at the end of Chelvey Road and the train station (Nailsea & Backwell) is only 1.5 miles away. Central Bristol is 10 miles from Chelvey, Weston-s-mare about 13 miles, both within biking distance – if you're inclined; if not, take the bus or train.

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Chelvey is an ancient hamlet (described in the Domesday Book) of five houses on a country lane one mile from the main road (A370). Shops are 1.5 miles away, in Backwell – or Nailsea. Our 5.5 acres is beautiful parkland, freely available for you to enjoy.

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£540.00/per month