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Cosy, tranquil home for professional woman in leafy hilltop Camberwell.  Shared with me and one other female lodger.  I am a quite laid back, nature loving person, about to make a career change to become an art therapist.

Available from 9th July till end of September. Possibly beyond this,  always with 2 months notice.

The bed-sittingroom is on the 3rd, top floor of a modern town house. There is a bathroom and utility cupboard on the same floor. All newly renovated. The room has a sofa, table and new Loaf mattress. The best thing to me about the room is that it is quiet, bright and looks out over trees and gardens. It is spacious and airy, with 2 windows. The bathroom has an individually powered electric shower.  Shower and bath are (only partially) shared with me.

The friendly and welcoming kitchen and dining area are shared with me, and a young woman healthcare professional.

Freezers and washing machine are on the ground floor.  This leads out onto a terrace at the back of the house, and small peaceful garden.  It feels much bigger though, as it backs onto woodland. 

There is a cat in the house, but she is of the soft, long fur variety which ses to trigger fewer allergic reactions.  Also, there are no fitted carpets.

I try to live in as environmentally friendly a way as I can.  I have just converted the house to electricity and renovated it in as non toxic a way as I could (-the rooms were painted in eco-paint).

After living in Asia for 13 years it feels strange to wear shoes indoors, so I ask people to wear indoor shoes or go without shoes in the house where possible. (Though there are certain people I would never ask to do this – the very elderly, for example!)

Parking is restricted between 11am and 1pm, but residents’ parking permits for ULEZ compliant cars are £16 for 1 month, from Southwark Council.


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Transport nearby

The house is convenient for public transport. It is a 12 minute walk to both Peckham Rye and Denmark Hill Railway stations (- on the right train it is 11 minutes to Victoria from the latter). Both are on the London Overground. Only a little further is Camberwell Green, which is a major South London bus hub. Oval is the nearest underground, a short bus ride from Camberwell Green.

Describe your neighbourhood here

Grove Park is an enclave of 6 residential streets off the top of Camberwell Grove. It’s quiet and neighbourly.

There is a community garden in the street. It's a 15 minute walk to Ruskin Park, a little further to Peckham Rye.

The house 17 minutes walk from King’s College Hospital in Denmark Hill. It’s a short walk to the restaurants, pubs, cafes, shops and refillery in Bellenden Rd. More inviting places to eat and drink, a short bus ride or 30 minutes walk away in East Dulwich, where you will also find a cinema, a gym and market. There is a large Sainsbury’s a 12 minute walk away. Gyms also in Peckham and Camberwell.

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£500.00/per month