Comfortable room with private bathroom, in the heart if Brentford, by the canal on the Island.


Property type
Bedroom size
Large Double
Preferred gender
Share with how many others
Use of Kitchen
Use of living room
Can smoke
Sole use of Bathroom


The room is located on the heart if Brentford, by the canal , with lovely views and a calm walk to work, admiring the swans. 

Perfect if you work for SKY, GSK or any place around Brentford or Chiswick. 

The room is on a 2 beds and 2 Baths flats, so you will have your own toilet during your stay. 

You will be able to use the kitchen and will have a space on the fridge and food cupboard. 

The flat has also wash machine, dish washer, iron and ironing board. 

It’s perfect for a calm and Polite professional. 


You will be sharing with 1 female professional and a beautiful and friendly cat. 

Transport nearby

10 min to Brentford Station
10 by bus to Northfields Station
15 min walk to Syon Lane Station
2 min walk to the bus stop on the High Street

Describe your neighbourhood here

The flat is located on the Island, a gated condominium with concierge 7:00 to 7:00, it’s by the canal, which restaurants, cafes, dry cleaner etc around the place.
Off license around the corner
Morisson’s 5 min walk

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£700.00/per month