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Room available from 1st September 2022.

Front facing warm  bedroom with two windows. The bed is a brass three quarter size bed. There is a chest of draws, wardrobe and bedside table, along with an armchair and two lamps. 

The bathroom is shared with one other person (me) and has both a bath and shower. 

The kitchen has the usual white goods including a dishwasher and washing machine. 

There are two sitting rooms. One has a settee and TV -  and is where I work. The other space is a heated conservatory with two chaise longues and a table and chairs.

The cottage style garden has outdoor seating and tables.

 Two well behaved and friendly dogs and an elderly cat also live in the home. They do not have to enter the rented room if the person staying does not wish them to do so.

Transport nearby

There are excellent transport links. The A64, M1 and A19 are very easy to access. There is a frequent and quick bus service to the train station / city centre. I cycle to the train station and it takes 15 mins. York is well set up for cycling and walking.

Describe your neighbourhood here

There is quite a lot of green space in the neighbourhood / close to my house but also local shops. There are some bars/pubs/cafes/places to eat in the local area that are a short walk away. The heart of York is a 40 minute walk away.

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£420.00/per month