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SE27 0LF
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I have a lovely 3 bedroom house in West Norwood and am looking to rent out a single or double room from Monday to Friday. I currently live  there on my own, except weekends when my daughter is with me. The house is spacious and attractive and  there is a pretty garden with plenty of seating.  I'm not planning on having a second lodger, the room which is not taken will just be for my daughter at weekends. The property is 10 mins walk for trains to London Bridge and Victoria. I'd describe myself as easy going and friendly and the let would suit somebody who wants a peaceful and comfortable home-life.  I'm out a lot with my girlfriend who lives nearby so you'd have the whole house to yourself much of the time. Email me if you are interested and want to discuss anything or arrange a visit .............

Transport nearby

West Norwood rail station is 10 minutes walk away and gets you to London Bridge or Victoria in 20 minutes.

Buses to Brixton take 20 minutes where you can get the Victoria Line.
You can get to the Northern Line at Balham in 15 minutes from West Norwood.

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The immediate neighbourhood is very peaceful with pleasant houses and gardens. West Norwood High street is 10 minutes walk away and has good shops and a few good pubs, bars and restaurants. Brixton and Streatham are not far if you want more action.

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£600.00/per month