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CV32 5YQ
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  • Hello! This room is available from the 2nd of October, in my recently renovated Victorian terraced house. This means that the kitchen, shower room, wardrobes, carpet, curtains, double bed etc. are all new. The bath/shower room is largely dedicated to this bedroom.  (I say largely because the laundry facilities are in there, I sometimes use this toilet during the day, very occasionally I might have need to use the shower but as my room has an en-suite this is rare, its only when I have a guest in my room that this happens).  The room is available for weekend days by arrangement and if you need to leave a few things here to save the inconvenience of taking them back and forth each week that can be accommodated.
  • I work from home and this involves some evening work.  Respect for this situation affords a mutually respectful room rate that takes the anomalies of this situation into account.
  • I have two lodgers here on a regular letting situation, they have a shower room dedicated to their use on the lower ground floor where their rooms are situated.  
  •  We are a friendly bunch but also respect one another's privacy. 
Transport nearby

We are about 7 mins from 'The Parade' with lots of buses, other stops nearer too, 20 mins from the railway station.

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There is on-street parking which is unrestricted. We are only a 2 minute walk away from the local shops and 5 minutes from Tesco and the Parade in the centre of town - so it is very easy to get to the main shops and cafes/restaurants! There is a small park 2 minutes walk away, a larger one 5 mins, Newbold Comyn is about 10 mins away if you are a runner its lovely to run round the golf course, Jepheson Gardens is about a 10 min walk too.

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£395.00/per month