Flat with skyline views in London Bridge/ Bermondsey


SE16 3GB
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Flat with skyline views in London Bridge/ Bermondsey, in a new build apartment. Bright, open sitting room with large wraparound windows, with room to let with great views, balcony access, and separate bathroom.

Looking for a flatmate who also wants to use the home as a refuge, is considerate, has a good sense of humour, and works in a professional career.

Further details:
- Available to move into from now (the flatmate has sadly moved out to live with their partner)
- Near Maltby Street Market and Bermondsey Street
- Around 15 mins to London Bridge station and 10 mins to Bermondsey tube
- Own bathroom in the hall
- Safe bike lock in bike store room
- Bills are approx. £150-200 per month (incl. cleaner)
- 12 month contract with 6 month break clause

The current flatmate/ home

Alexander's been living in the flat for almost 3 years. He works between the office and home in consulting, and loves meeting new people. He also likes making the flat a home - he can work long hours, and uses the flat as a bit of a refuge and keeps it tidy.

He also likes hosting dinner parties every so often, and cooking impromptu barbecues on the balcony (and inevitably transferring it in the oven when this doesn't work).

The new flatmate

We're looking for someone who will love the flat, enjoys meeting new people, uses the flat as as a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle, likes to hang out every so often with a BBQ, board game or film, and is open and constructive when living in a shared space.

If you're interested, just send Alexander a quick description about yourself/ your job/ what you're looking for and we can set up a quick virtual call or arrange a time to visit in person :)

Transport nearby

London Bridge, Bermondsey

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Near the great shops & cafes of Bermondsey Street and market in Maltby Street

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£900.00/per month