Light room in central Lewes cottage, 7 minutes from the station.


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The Bedroom is light and airy and overlooks the back patio. The house, which is a pretty Lewes cottage, is Edwardian and semi- detached in its own flint walled gardens. Although this is a central location it is a quiet neighbourhood as the house is on a Twitten and situated just below the castle. It is in easy access to the High street which boasts a selection of boutique shops, historical pubs and good eateries. For someone who is keen to access the surrounding walks in Nature it is less than 10 minutes on foot to the river and open fields and twenty minutes to the Downs. For travel connections it is just 5 minutes to the bus stop with buses running to Sussex University and Brighton and 7 minutes to the train station with a direct line to London Victoria.

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5 minutes to the bus stop and 7 minutes from the station

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Close to the High street and 5 minutes from Cliffe Hight street, shops and restaurants.

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£390.00/per month