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I'm a woman in my thirties, recently bought a house and am looking for a female flatmate to rent Monday to Fridays. 

The house is two minutes walk from Plaistow Station, with very good transport links to central London. The rent includes all bills, and the room and living spaces are bright, clean and beautiful. 

The house is on a very quiet and peaceful road, and there is a small park and the greenway (tree lined walk and cycle path) just behind the house.  

I work for a charity part-time, and am training as a yoga teacher. I like cooking, being in nature, reading etc.  I am clean, tidy, respectful and very easy going. I am offering this for a lower rent as there is no living room at the moment, and the hall and stairs are a bit basic as they are still to be painted etc. 

I am looking for someone who is willing to be vegetarian in the house. Also I am planning to get a pet dog, so you'd need to be happy with this - I will take 100% responsibility for caring for the dog, and obviously they would not go in the rented room. I am planning to get a quiet dog, and they could hang out sometimes in my room, the garden and the living room (which is still being decorated), so they would not be in the kitchen all of the time.  Also, in terms of the question on smoking - I am ok with someone smoking in the garden occasionally, but not in the house. 

Look forward to hearing from you! :) 

Transport nearby

Transport - the house is literally 2 minutes from Plaistow Station, 20 minutes to Bank/Monument etc. on the tube. Stratford is ten minutes away by bus, and West Ham (Jubillee Line) is also nearby.

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Plaistow is a quiet area, but at the end of the road there are four buses which go to Stratford, it takes ten minutes to get there and there is lots going on. Mile End with cafes, Victoria Park etc. is just a few stops on the tube. Upton Park is also 20 mins walk away, and there are lots of restaurants and shops there. If you have a car, parking can be organised but you would need to get a permit from Newham Council - I could explain more about how to do this.

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£450.00/per month