Lovely double room in Crouch End, North London, N8


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Lovely, recently decorated,  furnished double room with own shower/loo room in Crouch End family home In North London.
Close (6 min walk) to Hornsey overground train station and various buses (including W3, W7 and the 41)

Transport nearby

Excellent overground rail links (Hornsey, Haringey), bus routes and nearby underground stations (Finsbury Park, Highgate) provide easy access into both Kings Cross and the City (20 mins) or the West End (25 mins).

Cycling/walking - Finsbury Park station has a bike store and there are numerous cycle routes into the centre of town, plus the Parkland Walk footpath running from Highgate down to Finsbury Park and beyond.

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Crouch End is a vibrant community in north London, with a host of independent shops, restaurants and services, including multiple cinemas, gyms, super markets, doctors, dentists, banks, pharmacies , farmers markets etc. There are a host of quality pubs, restaurants, cafes, bars, comedy and music venues as well as cricket, tennis and football clubs nearby. The Castle climbing centre is easily reached by train or bike.

Alexandra Palace park is 10-15 minutes walk from the house, and there’s a wealth of options for other walks and outdoor spaces in close proximity including Priory Park, Finsbury Park, Queens Wood, Highgate Wood. Kenwood House/Hampstead Heath is a short bus ride away.

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£600.00/per month