Room by the Canal for Monday -Friday Let


En3 6JN
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Room available with single bed but is a double room size; in quiet location sharing house with one other person.  There is a wardrobe, drawers and small fridge in the room with a desk. There is Wifi, access to a garden and its close to a canal . Parking is 1 min walk from the house by the garages. 12 min walk to Enfield Lock station where trains are 30 mins to Liverpool Street or Stratford East London or change to Victoria line at Totenham Hale.  Shared bathroom and a small kitchen.  The house is next to the canal in a pleasant location and there is a local Tesco close by. Its available Monday - Friday let as I am used to having time to myself at weekends. No smoking in the house.

Transport nearby

12 mins walk to Enfield Lock Station ; 30 mins on train to Liverpool St Station or Stratford East London. Or cycle along the canal to the city. Not far from M25 depends on Traffic!

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Lovely park in Winter there are short eared owls from Scandinavia that people come to watch. Close to Lee valley wild marshes, canal path and lakes. Tesco Express and small food shops. There is also a local Chinese restaurant and a Gym.

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£400.00/per month