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Hi there and thanks for looking at my ad.

I’m from Bristol originally but have lived in Plymouth for 15+ years where I now own my home. 

From May 2022 I’ll be working away Monday to Thursday weekly so you’d have the house to yourself then - hence why I’m looking for a housemate / lodger. 

The spare room is very spacious and fully furnished and comfortable. Lots of storage as the pictures show.  

I’ve got a Monday to Friday job, occasionally work from home. I live a fairly sociable life and love my holidays, wine and good food! I like keeping my house comfortable, tidy and a place to chill, unwind and relax after busy days at work. 

We’d share the kitchen / diner, lounge and bathroom. And there’s plenty of space so that you feel at home too. 

I do have a cat too, she’s great 😊 but won’t disturb you too much and very happy for her to be kept out of your room with the door closed. It’s helpful if you like cats though and would be happy to keep her company and feed her during the weekdays when I’m away 

The room is available from 10 April 2022.

Transport nearby

Walking into town takes 40 mins. The bus takes 10 mins and leaves at the bottom of the street.
Parking is free on street (no permit required).

Describe your neighbourhood here

Stoke is really quiet but convenient to get to Plymouth city centre. The bus takes 10 mins. We’ve got a co-op shop around the corner and a pub about 10 mins walk away. There’s a fish and chip shop in under 5 mins!

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£500.00/per month