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This is your chance to have a beautiful flat within walking distance to the City, more or less all to yourself, for a fraction of the market rate.


Because I too live out of town (in Suffolk), and only come in once every couple of weeks, so the flat is mostly unoccupied.  I'm looking for someone to take the second bedroom so it doesn't go completely to waste.

The details?

  • Spacious double bedroom and fancy en-suite bathroom all to yourself
  • In peaceful, stylish double height flat fully of plants, cool furniture, and the like
  • With a private terrace and large communal gardens
  • Car parking space
  • A short walk from Bermondsey Street, London Bridge, and Elephant and Castle


If you're looking for somewhere spacious, calm and quiet to relax, then get in touch.

p.s. sorry there's not a picture of the room there, because it's being used for storage; sufficed to say it's a spacious double with high ceilings and a big window just like the living room.  The bathroom pictured in the ad is yours, however.

Transport nearby

You can easily walk to the city from the flat (circa 25 mins), otherwise the flat is more or less equidistant from London Bridge and Elephant and Castle. If you can't be bothered to walk, there's a bus every minute from outside the door that gets to Elephant & Castle in a couple of mins, from where you can go anyway very rapidly.

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Bermondsey Street is one of the coolest neighbourhoods in London, with awesome coffee, restaurants, independent shops, parks, recreation facilities etc.

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£1000.00/per month