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I'm Nick, I'm a professional landlord and Personal Trainer with my own gym out the back ! I have a few properties that I let as a whole but this is my home and therefore I'm looking for someone to get on with too. I've listed this as Mon to Friday because the last two lodgers were 24/7 and I had to remove them both for bringing illegal drugs into the flat! I have a pet turtle and he means the world to me. The last thing I want is to be fretting about his safety in my own home because my flatmate is out of his head and might do something stupid. Hence, I think I'm looking for a working professional this time who won't cause me such anxieties !

Apart from this, I'm extremely liberal, broad minded and non judgemental. Guests are welcome as long as they don't bring drugs! There is a living room upstairs with a playstation that you are welcome to use. You can use the gym when it's not in use. There is a bath and shower, the kitchen is compact and bijou. Images attached

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Rail 1.2miles, bus station 1km

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1km from town centre, small alternative shopping precinct 600/700m away with Tesco and Co Op

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£425.00/per month