Is 2017 all about expanding your mind?

Happy New Year to you.

Christmas is finished, we’ve celebrated the arrival of 2017 and had more calories than we care to remember. Now the year really begins.

So, what do you hope to achieve this year?  How about finally getting round to booking yourself on to that photography course you’ve been thinking about, or taking up French so that you can use it on your summer holiday this year?  Perhaps you’ve always fancied learning more about psychology or you just want to learn how to bake the perfect cake?  These are (according to radio DJ John Curley) the things that should be filling up your ‘third bucket’.

In his recent article about the ‘third bucket’ John, who co-presents the Tom and Curley show on KIRO radio explains how his dad developed this theory. He believes that the 24 hours in each day should be divided into 3 buckets of 8 hours.  The first bucket is 8 hours of sleep, the second is 8 hours of work and the third bucket should be filled with things that you want to do.  Hobbies, interests – things which feed your soul.  This, John’s dad concludes will lead to a balanced and no doubt happier life.

For many of us, dedicating 8 hours every day to things that we really want to do seems unrealistic.  But, some closer of analysis of what this ‘third bucket’ of time (or indeed all 3 buckets) is actually spent on, is definitely worthwhile.

If your ‘third bucket’ is mainly spent commuting – sat in traffic, squashed into a train, stressed on the underground, exasperated on a bus or sat at an airport gate waiting for another delayed flight then maybe you need to re-assess how to spend more of that bucket on expanding your mind rather than increasing your stress levels.

But how?

By renting a weekday pad closer to work.

This doesn’t need to be expensive, or feel like something reserved for people on whopping salaries.

We’ve helped thousands of people over more than ten years to achieve an easier life during the working week. By renting a room close to work Mon-Fri and returning to your real home at the weekend, you’ll be able to release precious time from that ‘third bucket’ and fill it with things that make you happy.  Things that you’ve been thinking about doing for months, even years.

So why not give it a whirl? We advertise great rooms to rent in locations across the country.  There’s a plethora of property types - houses, flats, converted barns, houseboats, mansion houses, Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, sleekly modern, oldy worldly thatched cottages, some with pools and/or gyms, others with roof terraces and bar areas, views of the city, next to the Thames, near to airports, close to stations, overlooking parks or gardens, some even next to Tower Bridge - the list goes on. There are all sorts of benefits and a price and rental terms to suit all situations.

You can literally be a stone’s throw from work Mon-Fri, cutting out your commute and freeing up much needed time in your week.

Have a browse on our site and see if we can help you to release some time to use more wisely this year.

To read John Curley’s full article about the ‘third bucket’ click here: