Advertise a room

Being a MondaytoFriday host brings lots of benefits. Whether you’re looking to bring in extra income (and remember, up to £7,500 a year is tax free thanks to the Rent-a-Room Scheme) or to have  company during the week, sharing your home part-time with someone who works nearby is a great solution.

Advertising your room is as easy as pie! Just 5 simple steps and you’re there, giving your room a window to people looking for a Monday to Friday room to rent.  Have a look at our Guide to MondaytoFridaying before you write your advert.

1. Set up or log in to your account

2. Write your advert and upload your photos - make sure they're good ones! Check out our Guide to Making Your Home Look Good.

3. Pay

4. Check your advert is working properly by searching on your town, region or postcode

5. Look out for emails from us letting you know if a mondaytofridayer is making contact

How much does it cost?

All our adverts run for a 6 week period because we know it can take longer to find the perfect MondaytoFridayer than any old lodger!

£29.95 buys you a standard advert.

£34.95 buys you a premium service where your advert will be promoted through our social media and your chosen photo will appear randomly on the home page.