How do I make my home look good?

First impressions matter.  How you present your home in your advert will have a huge impact on whether or not you succeed in finding the right MondaytoFridayer.

Think about where you'd want to stay if you couldn't be at home in the working week. And think about the competition - from the local Premier Inn to a cosy bed and breakfast, MondaytoFridayers have options. You need to work to make them want to choose your home.

A picture's worth a thousand words

Bad pictures are a real turn-off. Here are some of the examples we've seen in bedroom photos:

  • Unmade bed (yes really!)
  • Clothes dryer in the bedroom with clothes draped over it
  • 'Stuff' shoved under the bed, spilling out onto the floor
  • Peeling wallpaper / chipped paint
  • Dirty looking bed-linen
  • Dog on the bed
  • Dark and dingy
  • Every surface covered with clutter

A few tips for making the bedroom look great:

  • Make the bed with fresh linen, and make sure the duvet/cover are tightly drawn across the bed
  • Puff up the pillows and arrange cushions 
  • Hoover the floor
  • Remove any clutter from the floor, under the bed, on desk and dressing table surfaces
  • A vase of flower can look good
  • Put the lights on before you photograph, and test the settings of your camera to make sure the photos are light enough
  • Don't take the photos looking towards the window, except at night with the curtains closed

Then there's the rest of the house. Remember to:

  • Put the loo seat down
  • Straighten towels
  • Do the washing up
  • Clean and clear kitchen work surfaces
  • Puff up the sofas and cushions
  • Mow the grass

Words are important

In your advert, try to give MondaytoFridayers good factual information about their room, your home and local neighbourhood. Remember, they may not know your area at all.  In particular, make sure they understand all the transport links nearby. Think about what they might want to do in the evenings - describe local restaurants and pubs, shops and sport facilities.