5 things to ask your lodger before they move in

Improve your chances of finding a successful MondaytoFriday lodger by asking a few questions before they move in.

Taking a mondaytofriday lodger into your home has lots of benefits: extra cash (tax-free), someone to share the occasional laugh and a bottle of wine, and even a willing volunteer to feed the cat – all with the added bonus of having your home to yourself at weekends. But you need to be sure that it’s someone you’re happy to have in your home.  So, find out a bit about them before you say ‘yes’. As well as all the regular stuff (Where do you live? Where do you work? etc) here are a few things that might help give you a more complete picture of the person:

What do you like to cook? We know of a mondaytofridayer who lived on Fray Bentos pies – amazingly his tolerant landlady didn’t object to the smell! Is there anything you couldn’t put up with?

How long do you spend in the bathroom in the morning? This only matters if you need to share the bathroom, but if you do, you might want to get the morning routine agreed before someone moves in.

What time do you normally come home at night?  Do you want a night owl who slams the door at 2am?

How much stuff will you have with you?  Mondaytofridayers have homes of their own –  that’s one of the big advantages. They shouldn’t need to bring the kitchen sink. And they should be able to clear their stuff away if you need to use their room at weekends.

Trump v anyone else? Leave v remain? Cat v dog?  If there’s something that really matters to you, check in advance you’re not going to come to blows.

Are there other questions you’d want to ask? Let us know and we’ll share them with other mondaytofriday landlords.


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