Another day. Another delay.

Let’s not beat around the bush, commuting is hard.  Every new week brings train delays, cancellations and even strikes. As winter approaches, this will no doubt become even more frequent.  When you do board your train, the journey is crowded and not to mention, expensive. By Friday, you’ve had enough!

We’d experienced all of this when we were inspired to set up our business; Monday to Friday, well over ten years ago. 

We had a light bulb moment to advertise spare rooms to rent in locations all across the country.  These rooms would be aimed at busy professionals who wanted to rent a room closer to work and avoid the dreaded commute every single day.  They also gave people the opportunity to take on projects in a different part of the country and avoid living in a hotel for the duration of the contact. We were enabling professionals to find a home from home during the working week.

Have you thought about finding a home from home near to work, just for the working week?

The landlords are people who have spare rooms in their properties and more often than not, they too are working hard in the week.  Renting their spare room gives them a bit of extra cash and the opportunity to share a cuppa and a chat with someone else.  However, there are many rooms in properties where the landlord is away all week so effectively you have a place of your own during the working week!

There are so many different approaches to renting weekday rooms that you are sure to find something which works for you. It may be Sunday – Thursday rather than Monday – Friday?  You may want to rent all year round, just for a few months or even a few weeks in some cases.  There are rooms with en-suites, gardens, fabulous views, cleaners, concierge, gyms and even some with pools!  The rooms are in flats, houses, swanky apartments, country cottages and even houseboats. Whatever their differences, they all share one thing – they will make your working week a lot easier.  You’ll only be commuting twice a week, saving your time, your money and maybe your patience!

We’ve helped thousands of people to do this over more than a decade. It’s a really simple concept, and it works.  Take a look