Attracting the Best Monday to Friday Lodger

We’re often asked ‘What can I do to make my room more attractive to a MondaytoFridayer?’. So here are a few thoughts, based on feedback and our experience of finding MondaytoFriday lodgers for more than 15 years.

How your room looks in photographs really matters, and we’re preparing a blog dedicated to helping you take the best photos you can.  Take that extra 5 minutes to clear the room of personal items, tighten the duvet cover and arrange the pillows & cushions. If your room doesn’t look good, a potential lodger will go elsewhere.

Think about what you would want if you were going to live somewhere else for 4 nights a week. Would you want someone else’s clutter around you? Or a room that looks dark, dirty or uncared for? Probably not! Think light, bright and minimalist.

Our MondaytoFridayers are discerning about where they will stay. They want some comfort – a decent bed, a well decorated room and space to put their things. Bedlinen that looks like new makes a huge difference. Double beds are more popular than single beds (so that should be reflected in the rent) and, if at all possible, make sure the bed isn’t pushed up against a window or radiator.

Outside the room, MondaytoFridayers want to be able to prepare a meal for themselves so offering use of the kitchen is important. And then there’s the bathroom. Most people prefer not to share, but, for a lower rent might be prepared to put up with the inconvenience. Make sure you show a picture of the bathroom and, again, if it’s a bit of a mess, or full of personal items, that could be off-putting.

There are some fabulous rooms on  Have a look and check out the competition. The ones that find lodgers first look good and are reasonably priced.