Boost your mind and your body with a run in the autumn sun.

The running bug…seems to be everywhere!  Couch to 5k programmes, organised events; 10ks, half marathons and lots more besides are gaining a regular slot in many of our diaries.

So, if you haven’t caught the bug yourself yet, why not give it a go?

Once you have the right starter kit – a decent pair of trainers, running leggings, t-shirts, a wind breaker and a high vis bib – you are set. Running is free, easy to get better at and really does work on your fitness very quickly. 

Imagine if you could cut out your commute Monday-Friday and lived really close to work – you could fit in a regular run AND still have an evening. 


Commuting is dead time and unfortunately fills up many many hours of our weekday lives – time we could be using for more fun and positive things like running.

There is a way to ditch the commute. An alternative way of organising your weekday life that has worked for thousands of people over the last decade and might just work for you. By renting a room close to work Mon-Fri and returning to your real home at the weekend, you are able to free up hours of time during the week.  You could sign up for an organised run and actually have the time to train for it, without deleting hours from your precious weekend.

We are Monday to Friday and we advertise great rooms to rent for the working week in locations all across the country.  There’s a plethora of property types - houses, flats, converted barns, houseboats, mansion houses, Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, sleekly modern, oldy worldly thatched cottages, some with pools and/or gyms, others with roof terraces and bar areas, views of the city, next to the Thames, near to airports, close to stations, overlooking parks or gardens, some even next to Tower Bridge - the list goes on. There are all sorts of benefits and a price and rental terms to suit all situations.

We’ve been doing this for over a decade and have helped thousands of people to find rooms to rent closer to work. You can literally be a stone’s throw from work Mon-Fri and make the most of your working week.

Have a browse on our site and see if we can help you to fulfill your running ambition!