Bring in the New Year

Welcome to 2016.  For many of us, this is our first week back to work and let’s not beat about the bush…it’s tough.  The pre Christmas whirlwind of parties, lunches, late night shopping, twinkling lights and general excitement has been replaced with the pressure of a ‘New Beginning’.

This New Beginning can take many guises, a diet and fitness regime (a popular theme after December’s indulgences!), a focus on hobbies and travel, or a bigger thrust towards a change in career and/or an increase in financial income.

If the latter rings true for you then we may be able to play an important part in fulfulling your 2016 New Beginning.  Location may be stopping you from reaching out to that perfect new job, so how about renting a room to use as a crash pad close to work Mon-Fri? We have literally hundreds of rooms to rent in smart houses in locations all across the country.  Bills and cleaning are often included and renting closer to a new job – or making an existing commute easier can mean a significant decrease in travel costs.  The best bit is that renting a room is purely to make your work life easier. At the weekend you go back home and get the very best from your personal life.

Or, if you have your own business but need a desk in a different location, how about looking at our desks available to rent? We have empty desks ready to be rented in a variety of offices across the country.  This means you can get closer to your clients or key suppliers for a short or long time period without the hassle and cost of taking on the responsibility of renting a whole office…

If an increase in income is on your 2016 agenda, how about becoming a landlord? Renting out a spare room, a spare desk in your office or making use of some space that could be made available for people to meet could provide a great revenue stream for you as well as introduce some interesting new people into your life.

Whatever your New Beginning for 2016, we hope that you succeed and prosper and if we can help, then that’s even better!

We wish you all a very happy 2016.