February is here and we are feeling the LOVE!

Finally, we are out of January!  Welcome to February people.  The evenings are getting lighter, spring is fast approaching and there’s a bit of fun in the middle of the month with Valentine’s Day.

This month, we are dedicating our blog to ‘LOVE’.  Not just the romantic kind (although that’s fun too!). Things you love to do (checkout our ‘Spotlight on’ article on our website), food you love to eat, films you love to watch, people you love to spend time with. Just love in general!

Here at MondaytoFriday our biggest LOVE is making the working week a whole lot easier.  We:


LOVE to advertise rooms closer to work so you don’t have to travel far:

  • In a nutshell, we advertise spare rooms on our website that people want to rent out in their homes Mon-Fri.  Properties are in great locations all over the country and belong to people who may live alone and want to rent out their spare room, or who have grown up families and space to spare, or busy professionals like you who just want to make use of the empty room they have.  It’s a win win formula and means the tenant can have a crash pad closer to where they need to be Monday to Friday – saving time, energy and commuting costs and the landlord makes a bit of extra cash and a potential new friend to share their home with.  We’ve been doing this for over 10 years and have made thousands of people’s lives easier. 


LOVE to advertise desk space so that you can work in a location where you need to be:

  • We don’t just stop at renting out rooms Monday to Friday; we also advertise desk space too.  So, if you have your own business and want to take on a project in a particular location, don’t want to rent a whole office, or just want to share an office with other people rather than working at home alone – we can help! 


LOVE to advertise meeting places:

  • Finding somewhere to meet – whether it’s a friend for a catch up, an informal meeting with a colleague or a serious business event, can be hard. Quite often, meeting rooms in offices are booked up months in advance, or they’ve been converted into more desk space. Crowded coffee shops just don’t do it and hotel facilities for more formal meetings can often be expensive.  So, we’ve teamed up with lots of different types of businesses who have space to spare and offered a meeting place facility to our arsenal of making the working week easier.  There is a real range from quiet corners in coffee shops, areas in museums to fully serviced Board Rooms.  Some cost to rent, others are free - but the owner is happy if you buy a coffee or two. 


Finally, we LOVE The Chancellor for making the rent a room tax-free amount £7,500 from tax year 2016/17!

  • Currently, you can rent a room out Mon-Fri and make £4,250 a year tax-free. But even better is the fact that from April 2016, this will increase to £7,500. Thank you very much Mr Osborne!
  • So, if you have a spare room to rent and want to take advantage of the tax relief you can receive, or if you want to make some extra money from an empty desk in your office, or a space than can be used for meetings – take a look at our website.


Like thousands of others, we think you’ll LOVE what we do.  Happy February x