Five reasons to become a host

Ever consider you could be getting more out of your spare bedroom?

With MondaytoFriday you can rent out your spare bedroom for a few nights each week, keeping the place to yourself at weekends and earn an extra income to help cover the bills and more. You don’t have to declare a penny until you earn over £7,500. No complicated paperwork. No tax-return to worry about. Simple. Just an extra £625 in your bank account each month, which in light of the current cost of living crisis is more than welcome. 

Top five reasons to become a MondaytoFriday host:
  1. An extra monthly income

MondaytoFridaying with the rent-a-room scheme allows you to rent out an extra room in a property you live in and earn £7,500 tax-free, providing you with a regular and reliable boost to your bank account. With the current cost of living crisis, this is a simple and easy way to cover the bills and give you a little extra to enjoy.

  1. Company

With many of us now living behind a screen or self-employed, taking in a lodger means an extra presence in the home coming and going, and someone to chat to at the end of the day and physically see outside of the Zoom calls.

  1. Keep on top of the chores!

It’s all too easy to fall into bad habits when we’re not expecting company, having a MondaytoFriday lodger is a helpful nudge to stay on top of the house maintenance, making the place a more enjoyable space to be in.

  1. Convenience

Unlike opening your home up for a tenant, by taking in a lodger you can enjoy the full property at your leisure on the weekends, while letting out a room during the busy week. It’s a solution that works for both parties, giving you an extra tax-free income that can fit into your lifestyle, and providing a lodger with the convenience of being close to their office for a few nights each week.

  1. Help the UK housing problem

With more people than rooms available to rent in cities across the UK, house sharing is a way to solve the housing problem and help people gain easier access to their places of work and city living. 

MondaytoFriday is the UK’s specialist in weekday lets for working individuals. We connect hosts with lodgers who are looking for a room closer to their office to stay a few nights each week, then return home for the weekend. Our MondaytoFridayers are looking for weekday accommodation across the country from Chester to Cardiff to Clapham. If you have a spare room to rent out, it’s simple to create an advert, find the right lodger for you and your home, and start enjoying a little extra. 

For more tips, read our guide to hosting or take a look at our overview of MondaytoFridaying to learn more.