Forward Thinking

New Year is a time when traditionally we turn to the changes we want to make in our lives.

As 2021 approaches, most of us will be seeking some lifestyle changes and the start of a new year (with the hope of a better 12 months too) is a great opportunity to redesign our priorities.

It can be difficult creating that perfect work-life balance, especially if you were once commuting every day into the city. After the year we’ve all had and with a brighter future on the horizon, you may be beginning to revaluate what’s truly important to you, and considering ways to erase those dreaded routines you once had. 

We forget that our routine is actually shaped by others - contributing to queues, crowded trains and the rush hour. But this could become very much a thing of the past (well, at least your past). We know that commuting is hard - the combination of the cold winter air, long queues and not to forget, the extortionate, forever rising prices is something many don’t want to go back to.

Instead of life being a series of work, travel, work, have you considered the option of travelling less and actually enjoying the magic of the city you find yourself in everyday? MondaytoFriday offers the flexibility needed so YOU can decide the life you live, choosing a lifestyle that doesn’t coincide with everyone else.

Although it may seem easier to slip back into a routine than to change it, we’re here to help you choose beautiful properties in locations that suit your mid-week lifestyle and increase your quality of life in 2021 and going forward.  

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