Game, set and match!

This has been the summer of some fantastic sport – Portugal winning the Euros, Andy Murray winning Wimbledon and in cricket, England winning the Sri Lankan tour. 

Has all this activity inspired you to get up and go?  To pull on your trainers, dig out your racquet and head to a tennis court after work to play a game with a colleague?  Or perhaps enjoy the light evenings with a gentle swim in your nearest outdoor pool? 

Or, with every will in the world, does all of this sound completely unachievable with the hours you work coupled with the lengthy commute on top of your long day? 

Maybe it isn’t so realistic after all… Or, how about turning things around and making more time for you after work?  A good few hours spare in the evening would make all the difference to your life.  You could have that jog round the park, play that quick game of tennis, enjoy that gentle swim and still have time to do some chores, see a friend or do a bit more work if you really needed to…

But how?


By renting a room closer to work from Monday to Friday.

We are MondaytoFriday and we’ve been advertising spare rooms on our website for over 10 years. The properties come in all shapes and sizes with all budget options covered.  Rooms are in great locations in some superb properties all over the country. 

The spare rooms belong to people who may live alone, live away, or have grown up families and space to spare.  Or they may be busy professionals like you who just want to make use of the empty room they have.  It’s a win win formula and means you can have a crash pad closer to where you need to be Monday to Friday – saving time, energy and commuting costs and the landlord makes a bit of extra cash and a potential new friend to share their home with.

Over the 10 years we’ve been doing this, we’ve given thousands of people the opportunity to an easier life in the working week.


So if you are game, we are set and sure we can match your needs with a property in the right location.

Take a look at our website

It’s time to make a positive change to your life this summer.