Get more out of London this Spring

Do you commute to London every day, but live outside the city? Do you often have to make a quick dash for the last train after a drink with a colleague (wishing you could stay longer?), or see an advert on the Tube for a great exhibition that you know you’ll never see?

There is a way you could have the best of both worlds. Rent a room in London Monday-Friday and go home for the weekends. We have hundreds of rooms available in smart London homes. You could rent a room near to work, probably saving you a fortune on travel expenses, but more importantly giving you back time in the working week.

Time you usually spend hunched in a small seat on a crowded train you could spend cramming in a bit of culture. The ‘Musuems at Night’ exhibition starts on Thurs 15th May boasting some seriously special one-off experiences at some of the capital's biggest museums and quirky attractions. Or how about a stroll and a bite to eat on the Southbank, a nip round the Tate Modern, a hop skip and a jump over the ‘wobbly bridge’ (aka The Millennium Bridge) and up to the magnificent St.Paul’s lit up and showing all it’s glory. You could then grab a drink in a traditional London pub on Fleet Street before heading back to your London crash pad for a great nights sleep. Without a big commute ahead, you can set the alarm significantly later (unless you want to get up early and take in London’s parks before the city wakes up?).

By the end of the week, you’ll feel relaxed and fulfilled rather than stressed and tired. Go back home full of beans and excited about taking on the weekend before another week of time spent wisely begins.

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