Goodbye summer…hello easier commute?

As summer slowly comes to a close so (unfortunately) does the quieter commute to work.

With the holiday season, we’ve all enjoyed less traffic on the roads, being slightly less packed into the train and buses running more freely. Soon, we’ll all be back to the worst parts of our day – the drudgery of the daily commute. And, if you travel in and out of London Waterloo, things don’t look to be getting any easier any time soon…

How can you avoid the stress that the beginning and end of your day inflicts onto your being? The answer is simple. Rent a room close to work Monday to Friday. 

This sounds like a lavish idea, but it’s more accessible than you think.  We operate a website where lots of professionals like you advertise their spare rooms for rent on a part time basis.  Many of the rooms are in London, but there are plenty of properties all over the UK too.   By renting a room close to where you work Monday to Friday, you only have to do your commute just once and the rest of the time you could enjoy a leisurely stroll, or a short cycle to work – the choice is yours. 

One size doesn’t fit all

There are so many different approaches to renting rooms for the working week that you are sure to find something which works for you. It may be Sunday – Thursday rather than Monday – Friday?  You may want to rent all year round, just for a few months or even a few weeks in some cases.  There are rooms with en-suites, gardens, fabulous views, cleaners, concierge, gyms and even some with pools!  The rooms are in flats, houses, swanky apartments and even houseboats.  Sometimes the landlord/lady lives there too, sometimes they don’t. More often than not, they too are working hard in the week and you may just share an occasional chat and a cuppa.  They are looking for professional people like you to rent their spare room and make them a bit of extra pocket money and you an easier life Mon-Fri.

We’ve helped thousands of people to do this over more than a decade – taking away the stress and cost of the commute and adding in valuable time. It’s a really simple concept, and it works. 

Take a look. Living closer to work could mean that the easier commute to work doesn’t disappear when summer ends…