A host’s secret to success

Secrets of the trade - hear what some of our Monday to Friday hosts recommend to rent out your room.

When it comes to MondaytoFridaying, there’s no one better to share their essential tips for success, than our hosts themselves. 

So we asked you what made the difference in finding a perfect lodger for your spare room.

Here’s what our Monday to Friday hosts had to share:


  • “The secret to success is to interview prospects and trust your instincts”


  • “Check that the public transport to their place of work will be optimal. A short commute is essential.


  • “Consider the figure that the occupancy needs to cost them in relation to other accommodation options in the area. For example below £80 per night, over that and it becomes borderline whether or not they should use a hotel.” 


  • "Ease maintenance hassle – e.g. organising the laundering of sheets, shirts etc, or making all bills included" 


  • "Think about tax - I charge circa £650/ month for 4 nights/ week because as a higher rate tax payer, the incremental increase isn't worth the decrease in customer satisfaction and paying extra tax."


Find a lodger for your spare room today by following the steps here, or let us know your secrets to success!