How can you make money from your home?

With the new financial year in full swing why not turn our attention to how we can increase our income and fulfill that dream holiday, new car or simply have a bit more put aside for a rainy day?

Monday to Friday began over 10 years ago and in that time we’ve helped thousands of people to increase their income simply by renting out a spare room for the working week.

It’s a simple idea but really does have a win-win result.  Professionals all over the country are looking for a weekday crash pad to rid them of an awful commute, enable them to take a job in a location far from their permanent home or to take on a short term project in a different part of the country.  They return to their home at the weekends and you get your house back to yourself!

You can earn up to £7,500 a year tax free for part-time renting so this is a really lucrative way of making some extra cash.

Judy Niner, co-founder of Monday to Friday took part in a radio programme about this very subject last Saturday – listen here to be inspired.

That dream holiday might not have to be just a dream after all…