How to make every weekend feel like a Bank Holiday…

May is great.  Spring has arrived, the weather is warming up, the evenings are lighter and the cherry on the cake -  we get 2 free days off work!

We all love a bank holiday weekend.  On a normal week, those two precious days at the weekend just aren’t enough to catch up on those odd jobs, visit the gym, see friends and get that overdue report finished for work.  The extra time makes us feel freer, more relaxed, happier.

How about turning every weekend into one that feels like a bank holiday?

How? Well, imagine if your typical working week looked something like this: 

Monday, stay late in the office catching up and then walk to the gym before walking home and having dinner. Catch an episode from your latest, favourite box set and then lights out.

Tuesday, leave on time, have a walk through the park and meet a friend for dinner before returning home. Have a leisurely bath, do some washing and ironing and go to bed.

Wednesday, stay a bit later in the office to finish a report and then have a quick drink with a colleague before going for a run.  Return home, shower, dinner, bed.

Thursday, finish work on time. Go to the gym.  Have a good workout, followed by a swim.  Return home, have dinner. Catch up on some work in preparation for a meeting tomorrow.  Phone your mum for a long awaited catch up. Watch some TV and go to bed.

Friday, finish work on time. Catch the train home. Glass of wine. Relax and start planning the weekend.


All sounds great doesn’t it, but how on earth can you fit all this in? Have you noticed what’s missing?  The commute.

You too can achieve the freedom you feel on a bank holiday weekend if you design your weekday life a little differently. By renting a room closer to work Monday to Friday you can maximise your time with the net result being two full days at home at the weekend to do the things you really want to do.

Camping, decorating, visiting family, days out, a trip away… You can treat it just like a bank holiday.


We are and we advertise rooms for professionals to rent just for the working week.

Rooms come in all shapes and sizes.  They are spare rooms in flats, or houses, or converted barns.  They can be in thatched cottages, grand country houses, smart Georgian town houses, cool urban apartments. Sometimes the owner lives there too, sometimes they don’t.  Many of the landlords work away and want someone in their homes during the week, others work very long hours and you’ll just be ships passing or others are retired and at a home a bit more.  Some landlords are happy for you to keep your things in the room over the weekend, others have cleaners some lucky ones even have on-site concierge, gyms and swimming pools! There really are a tonne of different situations and property types. The locations are really varied and so are the prices.  So why not have a browse through our site and see if there is something there for you.

Go on, make every weekend feel like a bank holiday.