It’s all about the Hygge!

Hygge – the central force within Danish happiness, harmony and well-being and now, thanks to several recently published books - it’s hitting the UK.

So what is it?  Hygge is hard to accurately translate, but it’s that feeling you get after a brisk walk in the winter and then return home to a hearty meal by a crackling fire.  Or it’s a cup of tea in your favourite chair after a hard day at work. It’s the feeling of contentment, of cosiness, security and completeness.  The Danes have nurtured Hygge into their everyday social culture for many years, and researchers believe that this plays a key role in their happiness and quality of life.

So, how can you instill a bit of Hygge into your everyday life and improve your wellbeing?

How about making time to curl up with a good book, or light a candle, turn on the radio and sink into a deep bubble bath?  How about cooking a really hearty meal to share with friends?  Or make time to go for a brisk walk after work and treat yourself to a steaming coffee in your favourite café.

If all this feels unreachable due to long working days and endless hours spent commuting, then maybe renting a crash pad closer to work could help with some Hygge?!

We’ve helped thousands of people over more than ten years achieve a better work life balance. By renting a room close to work Mon-Fri and returning to their real homes at the weekend, they’ve been able to efficiently use their time in the week, freeing up more time for them and for the precious weekend.

We advertise great rooms to rent in locations all across the country.  There’s a plethora of property types - houses, flats, converted barns, houseboats, mansion houses, Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, sleekly modern, oldy worldly thatched cottages, some with pools and/or gyms, others with roof terraces and bar areas, views of the city, next to the Thames, near to airports, close to stations, overlooking parks or gardens, some even next to Tower Bridge - the list goes on. There are all sorts of benefits and a price and rental terms to suit all situations.

You can literally be a stone’s throw from work Mon-Fri, cutting out your commute and freeing up some time in your week.

Have a browse on our site and see if we can help you to introduce some Hygge into your life!

If you fancy learning a bit more about the concept of Hygge, we were inspired by The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking.