Let there be light

It’s painful at first – changing the clocks.  The first night of an hours less sleep seems to make a huge difference.  Then, there’s the darker mornings.  But a couple of weeks in and boy do we start to see the difference. Light! Warm swathes of light which greet us as we leave the office.  No more dark, cold nights and feeling like we haven’t seen the outside world for hours.  Instead we feel our shoulders relax, we take a deep breath and we smile.

So, what shall we do with all this extra light?


For a start, we should try and get out in it as much as we can. Fresh air and light can really lift our spirits after a day of air conditioning and sitting at a desk.  A brisk walk to the station, or a whizz on your bike after dinner can make you feel that there is a life outside of work.

How about if you add in a whole evening of outdoor activities?  A nice long walk, a drink with a friend and dinner al fresco?  Or is this a little ambitious to fit in before or after the big commute home?  Then how about approaching life a little differently and moving closer to work just for the working week? 

What exactly does this mean? It’s not as crazy (or as expensive) as it sounds.  We’ve helped thousands of people to achieve a Monday to Friday lifestyle over the past 10 years.  You live at home at the weekend as normal and spend Monday night to Friday morning in a room you’ve rented just for the working week. This can literally be a stone’s throw from you place of work.  There are so many different options that it can really work as a tailor-made solution for you.  Maybe Mon-Fri isn’t quite what you are looking for and Tues-Fri would suit you better? Or you only want to rent for a few months whilst you work on a project in a particular area?  You might need a parking space, or want a gym or pool (yes there are properties with these options!) or you’d like your cleaning and ironing done? Some landlords even offer meals.  The main thing is that your working week suddenly opens up for you.  There are opportunities that weren’t there before purely because your time (and energy) is so tied up in commuting


“Suddenly your working week opens up for you”


We are mondaytofriday.com and we advertise rooms for professionals to rent just for the working week.

As we said, this really can be a tailor-made solution for you. Monday to Friday rooms come in all shapes and sizes.  They are spare rooms in flats, or houses, or converted barns.  They can be in thatched cottages, grand country houses, smart Georgian town houses, cool urban apartments. Sometimes the owner lives there too, sometimes they don’t.  Many of the landlords work away and want someone in their homes during the week, others work very long hours and you’ll just be ships passing or others are retired and at a home a bit more.  Some landlords are happy for you to keep your things in the room over the weekend, others have cleaners some lucky ones even have on-site concierge, gyms and swimming pools! There really are a tonne of different situations and property types. The locations are really varied and so are the prices.  So why not have a browse through our site and see if there is something there for you.  With more light in your life, this summer could be your best yet!