Make the most of the golden hour

In photography, the golden hour is a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky. 

If you are a keen photographer, this is a magical time when you can really indulge in your passion.  But why should the golden hour just be magical for photographers?  In fact, this is a great time for all sorts of hobbies.  Running is great just after you wake up – you feel fresh, ready to tackle the day and in summer time the light is just beautiful. Or how about road biking, taking in the views when the roads are quieter.  Canoeing, painting, gardening – there is in fact a long list of activities that are better enjoyed just after sunrise or just before sunset – precious moments taken when the world is quieter and the light gives you an ethereal feel and a real sense of calm.

Unfortunately, during the week this precious time is usually wasted commuting.  But what if the golden hour was completely yours during the week too? 

How? Rent a room closer to work using

For well over 10 years we’ve advertised rooms to rent across the country.  London is our biggest market, but there are rooms in other UK cities and locations too.  There are so many different opportunities to rent rooms for the working week in all sorts of set ups.  You can rent all year round, just for a few months or even a few weeks in some cases.  There are rooms with en-suites, gardens, fabulous views, cleaners, concierge, gyms and even some with pools!  The rooms are in flats, houses, swanky apartments and even houseboats.  Sometimes the landlord/lady lives there too, sometimes they don’t. More often than not, they too are working hard in the week and you may just share an occasional chat and a cuppa.  They are looking for professional people like you to rent their spare room and make them a bit of extra pocket money and you an easier life Mon-Fri.

It’s a simple idea that has worked for well over a decade and helped hundreds of people to make their working lives easier.

Take a look. Living closer to work could mean that those golden hours in the morning and evening really are yours for the taking…