Missing: energy and a whole lot of sparkle. Please return to owner asap.

Are you literally dragging yourself out of bed every morning? Pulling back the curtains to reveal darkness and wondering how on earth you are going to fit everything in to today? Trudging to the train station and emitting an inner groan as you look at your schedule and realise you’ve been invited to another post work Xmas drinks – and you need to get a Christmas jumper…oh and you need to buy a secret Santa gift for Beryl in accounts.  “Argh, when am I going to have time to sort this out?!”

There’s no time to exercise, slouch on the couch or just potter about after work. Welcome to the pre Christmas pressure cooker – shopping, social engagements, work to still complete, more social engagements and a dreadful commute to top and tail your day.

Net result: sparkle missing.


Time. Time is what you need. Time to get work finished, to get Christmas things sorted and to go to the gym or take a walk in the fresh crisp air. You need some headspace; you need to slow the world down. Maybe you can…but how?

By renting a crash pad close to work Monday to Friday.

We’ve helped thousands of people over more than ten years to achieve an easier life during the working week. By renting a room close to work Mon-Fri and returning to your real home at the weekend, you’ll be able to still make those after work drinks, but get home at a decent time to just relax.  You can take advantage of the late night opening hours on a Thursday and finish your Christmas shopping and still have time to grab a swim or a spin session.  You can focus on your working day and kick back in the evening.

It really is incredible how much time we waste just getting to and from work every day. Ditching the commute will give you back those precious hours to be used for much more productive things every single day of the working week. Just think, you’ll finally get some balance back, get on top of all the demands and feel like you are back in the driving seat of your life.  That feeling of managing and putting some credit back in the energy bank will soon see that good old sparkle return.

So why not give it a whirl? We advertise great rooms to rent in locations all across the country.  There’s a plethora of property types - houses, flats, converted barns, houseboats, mansion houses, Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, sleekly modern, oldy worldly thatched cottages, some with pools and/or gyms, others with roof terraces and bar areas, views of the city, next to the Thames, near to airports, close to stations, overlooking parks or gardens, some even next to Tower Bridge - the list goes on. There are all sorts of benefits and a price and rental terms to suit all situations.

You can literally be a stone’s throw from work Mon-Fri, cutting out your commute and freeing up much needed time in your week.

Have a browse on our site and see if we can help you to find that sparkle again.