Monday to Friday in the press

MondaytoFridaying is catching on, read what national newspapers have to say about it.

MondaytoFridaying is an idea that’s catching on. So much so that it’s making a splash in the press - journalists have been reaching out to us to find out what MondaytoFridaying is all about and why it’s so popular, particularly now.

The Metro recently reported how renting out your room and taking in a lodger is a ‘win-win’ for both lodgers and landlords, with mutual benefits for both parties including company and financial support. 

Hear what Sarah Stones, a Monday to Friday host in Cambridgeshire had to share:

“I like having my own space at weekends, that’s really important to me. But because I often work from home on my own, having someone coming in and out of the property during the week provides good company.

I’m still friends with one of my very first lodgers from back in 1997. It’s a really nice way of getting to know different people.”

The full story can be read on The Metro here.

We noticed a 30% increase in visitors to our Monday to Friday platform this autumn, with increasing interest from people wanting to rent a weekday room, as quoted in this article in The Guardian. See what The Guardian has to say about renting out a room including useful tips and things to know.

And it doesn’t stop there, Monday to Friday may be heading to screens in the new year! Watch out for a dedicated ITV news release on being a host and being a lodger, broadcasting in January. 

Thinking of trying hosting? Read our advice and follow the simple steps to list your room here.