The new nomad

The rise of the hybrid worker: part-time city dweller and part-time home dweller is here to stay.

The results are in, workers not only prefer a hybrid working lifestyle but they expect to be able to split their time between home and the office. A census published this month found that: 79% of workers stated a strong hybrid working approach was important when applying for new jobs and 70% feel that it is easier to protect their mental health by dividing their work between home and the office.  

It’s a fact, many MondaytoFridayers are enjoying a new level of freedom found in remote working and they’re not about to give it up any time soon. But there’s also no denying the pull of the workplace - being back in the office can mean greater career opportunities, stronger connections with colleagues and easier on the job learning.

Going back to the office doesn’t mean sacrificing on lifestyle and that valuable free time gained by avoiding long daily commutes into the workplace. Our MondaytoFridayers know that balance is key, and finding a place they can call home during the working week that’s close to the office, means they can still savour that extra me-time, while also enjoying the benefits of closer working with colleagues. 

The hybrid worker is the new hybrid nomad. Enjoying the flexibility of different working environments and both city and rural living arrangements, means MondaytoFridayers no longer have to choose a lifestyle, both can be enjoyed!

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