Put the spring back into your step…

Commuting day in day out is hard. Very hard. Although the time to catch up on emails, read reports, even browse through one of the daily freebie newspapers is definitely one of the upsides, the toll it takes on your energy levels, body and mind is hard.

Delays, squeezing into overcrowded trains and buses, trying to hail a cab when the tube is down, hot stuffy trains in summer or freezing cold in winter and the cost of season tickets. These are the realities of commuting, we become immune to them to some degree, but it isn’t easy.

So, have you ever considered a ‘crash pad’ close to work (could even be within walking distance!) in the capital just Monday to Friday? You often hear of high power execs who ‘live in London during the week’ and go back to the solitude of the family home each weekend. It usually conjures up seven figure price tags and visions of penthouse suites in Mayfair – lovely, but a pipe dream for most of us! However, there is a way that you too could have your own London crash pad, a home from home during the working week and go back to your real home refreshed and ready to enjoy the weekend.

mondaytofriday.com is a website dedicated to advertising rooms within some very smart London houses and flats that are available to rent for the working week. There are rooms at varying prices in locations all over London. You could find one that is within a few minutes from your workplace, or in an area that you have always dreamed of living (Mayfair anyone?!). You simply pay rent for the working week, but this doesn’t mean you have to commit to being there every weekday night – some nights you may be away on business, on holiday or just want to go home – it’s up to you. You’ve paid for the room; it’s yours when you want it. For the landlord, they have their home back to themselves over the weekend, but are earning an income within the working week. A win win situation!

So without those ten journeys you usually do, your working week could look very different! You could get into work early and stay late when you need to without the worry of missing the train or bus (or annoying your family with late arrivals home). Or even better, you could actually enjoy all that London has to offer instead of just seeing it whizz past from a bus/train window, or catching glimpses of those famous landmarks from your office window! You could see an art exhibition after work, catch a film, a glass of wine with colleagues, join a gym, walk through Green Park, enjoy some open air theatre or just collapse on the sofa and watch TV (that is actually pre 9pm!) Imagine that!

mondaytofriday.com has been in business for more than a decade, helping thousands of people to find a room to rent for the working week - lifting the pressure of commuting, or being able to take a dream job in London without compromising their main home.

Let them do the same for you so you can enjoy more time in bed in the morning, more time for yourself in the evening and maybe even some more cash in your pocket from a reduction in paying for fares!

Put the spring back into your step this Spring. Visit www.mondaytofriday.com

Or could you be a landlord? Do you have a spare room in your London home that you could rent out during the working week (you can earn £4,250 a year tax free!) and have your home back to yourself at the weekend. Visit www.mondaytofriday.com for more details.