Save time and money with a MondaytoFriday let

You can save both time and money by taking a Monday to Friday let rather than commuting every day.

Live near work

More and more of us are having to work a long way from home. Whether we’re employed or self-employed, we want to be as flexible as possible and to pursue opportunities. But, although this can be exciting and rewarding, it can also bring misery. The impact of long and frustrating commutes is well known.

Savvy commuters are latching on to the idea of actually living near their workplace from Monday to Friday. It sounds expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, the Monday to Friday cost can be lower!

We took the likely monthly costs of someone commuting from a village 10 miles outside Leicester to the City of London, and compared it with MondaytoFridaying. The results might surprise you!

Saving Money

In fact, you can make your MondaytoFridaying even cheaper by, for example, getting a friend to take you to the station on Monday morning and collect you on Friday evening. Of course, once in London, you could cycle or walk around the city, getting fit as well as saving money.

More savings by MondaytoFridaying v commuting

Saving time

So, MondaytoFridaying isn’t more expensive  - in fact, it can be quite a lot cheaper than a 2 hour commute.  And, perhaps even more importantly, just look at the TIME you could save. 45 hours per month! That’s an entire working week.

Save time and money Monday to Friday

What could you do with that extra time? You could spend it working, but there again, you could spend it with friends, in the pub (well, not all of it perhaps), going to the theatre and cinema, playing sport or chilling with a book. The choice is yours.

MondaytoFridaying saves time and money. Find out more here.