Spotlight On – Cultural Cinema

If you’ve read our blog, you’ll know that this month we are all about LOVE. Not just the romantic kind, but things that you love to do, things that make you happy and things you can focus on doing whilst you are renting a room away from home Mon-Fri.

So, this month we are focusing our spotlight on cultural cinema.  We know that many of you love renting a room in a city and tapping into a bit of weekday culture, so we’ve brought you the pick of the crop of independent cinemas in some of our most popular MondaytoFriday cities. 

If this is your bag, take some time out in your week this February to watch a film after work. You’ll love feeling that you are making the most of your MondaytoFriday life.

Ciné Lumière – London

Probably the most elegant cinema in London.  Situated in South Kensington, this beautiful cinema is part of the L’Institut Français du Royaume-Uni – or the French Cultural Institute, for English speakers. The venue offers a good mix of new releases (focusing on foreign, independent and, of course, French films) and retrospective seasons.


HOME – Manchester

A mecca for art lovers in the city of Manchester. HOME provides theatre, art, cultural cinema, events and more. Check out their website


Watershed – Bristol

A cultural cinema with a fabulous line up during February. Check out the full programme of independent, art house and cultural films.


The Pheonix Picturehouse – Oxford

Standing on Walton Street, this quirky little building shows an array of cultural and arthouse films. Check out the full listing.


The Glasgow Film Theatre – Glasgow

Affectionately known as the GFT, this cinema loves to show lower budget independent films that could never be released in mainstream cinemas. Great for a journey of discovery -  new actors and directors, Q&A sessions and short feature films.