Spring is nearly here and it's music to our ears!

We are nearly there – spring is literally just round the corner.  Lighter evenings, more sunlight, flowers and buds everywhere. We all feel more energised once the winter is gone and we naturally start planning our free time for the up and coming summer months and music can play a big part in our annual diaries.

Music is great for us.  Listening at home, indulging through headphones as we go about our daily commute and the pinnacle of it all – a live gig, concert or festival. Kicking off next week with the cool South by South West (SXSW) in Austin Texas, this annual conglomerate of film, interactive media, and music festivals triggers the start of the music calendar which entertains us summer long, stretching into the beginning of autumn.

Here in the UK, our summers can be filled with the annual ritual of ‘the biggies’; Reading, Glastonbury, V festivals, Cornbury, The Big Feast, The Big Chill, Camp Bestival.  Local festivals such as The Hampton Court Festival, Nocturne Live at Blenheim Palace plus the great line up of bands playing in local venues.  All can really lift our spirits and make our hearts beat faster.

So, why not make it a priority this summer to spend more time indulging in live music? Instead of wasting precious hours after work squashed into a hot train or bus, or sat stationary in your car – take time to see a local band playing a midweek set, or book tickets for a soothing classical concert after work or be super organised and get tickets for one of the big festivals. 

Struggling to see how you will ever have the time to fit this in to your working week? It could be simple – have you ever thought about cutting out the weekday commute and moving closer to work?

We are mondaytofriday.com and we advertise rooms for professionals to rent just for the working week. The aim is to make the working week as easy as possible for you, allowing you time to recharge your batteries in the evening rather than waiting until the weekends.

Living closer to work not only means that you remove the stressful commute but you also reduce the associated costs that go with this allowing you to divert them into your rental cost instead.  Monday to Friday rooms come in all shapes and sizes.  They are spare rooms in flats, or houses, or converted barns.  They can be in thatched cottages, grand country houses, smart Georgian town houses, cool urban apartments. Sometimes the owner lives there too, sometimes they don’t.  Many of the landlords work away and want someone in their homes during the week, others work very long hours and you’ll just be ships passing or others are retired and at a home a bit more.  Some landlords are happy for you to keep your things in the room over the weekend, others have cleaners some lucky ones even have on-site concierge, gyms and swimming pools! There really are a tonne of different situations and property types. The locations are really varied and so are the prices.  So why not have a browse through our site and see if there is something there for you.  You may find something that literally brings music to your ears!