Take a mini-break after work! How to become a tourist in your own town.

Work takes up a lot of our lives. And with the Government announcing plans to increase the retirement age to 68, it’s set to take up even more of our time.

Instead of letting work get you down, how about adopting a change in mind set? What if you viewed the end of your day as the start of an after work adventure?  Not something you do every night, but maybe something you plan to do once or even twice a week.  

Simply shut down your PC or laptop, switch your work phone to silent, change into some comfy trainers and leave the office. 

Visit local galleries or museums – many are open until late in the evenings. Take a big walk along the river or through the park. Grab an ice cream, a coffee or even a cheeky beer or wine.  Take your camera and photograph statues, buildings, wildlife. Cross bridges and admire views. If you are near a river, hire a boat or try out a kayak. Try to wonder in what is actually on your doorstep and you’ll be amazed at what you find, the different experiences you have and how your positivity increases.  But what about the long commute home? Won’t this after work diversion simply add to my already long day? Well, this new mind set might be helped further by a change in location Monday to Friday… Have you ever considered renting a weekday crash pad? Somewhere close to work which will relieve you of the draining commute for 4 days a week? 

We are mondaytofriday.com and we advertise rooms for professionals to rent just for the working week.

Rooms come in all shapes and sizes.  They are spare rooms in flats, or houses, or converted barns.  They can be in thatched cottages, grand country houses, smart Georgian town houses, cool urban apartments. Sometimes the owner lives there too, sometimes they don’t.  Many of the landlords work away and want someone in their homes during the week, others work very long hours and you’ll just be ships passing or others are retired and at home a bit more.  Some landlords are happy for you to keep your things in the room over the weekend, others have cleaners, some lucky ones even have on-site concierge, gyms and swimming pools! There really are a tonne of different situations and property types. The locations are really varied and so are the prices.  So why not have a browse through our site and see if there is something there for you.

What are you waiting for? That ‘after work mini break’ is just waiting to happen…