Our hosts share their experience as a host and using MondaytoFriday.com to rent out their spare room. Read what they have to say.


I started in 2011 and haven’t looked back!

“Initially I took a lodger because I was changing career to become self-employed, and wanted the confidence of additional income, and for the presence of another person in the flat given that I was working from home.

For me it has been an unqualified success and I have liked all the six people who have stayed since I started. As a higher rate tax payer it represents an additional £12,500 pa to my income with minimal costs and I still have the use of the room at weekends to host visitors. I have liked the arrangement so much I see myself always doing it.

 ~ Susan Wright, Maida Vale.


Company and an extra income in one

“Working from home can mean you don’t see many people so having a lodger is important to me from two aspects – the first is that it means I have someone else coming and going who I physically see and chat to. Secondly, financially, generating income from my second bedroom gives me a base income every month – having extra tax free income is a real boost and something that is very important to me, especially at the moment. 

I really enjoy having my home to myself at the weekend so using MondaytoFriday.com is a no brainer for me – It helps me to find people who want lodgings rather than a permanent home. It’s a great site that helps me connect with the right people.”

~ Sarah Stones, Cambridgeshire 


A top-up to my basic salary

“I had had an ex-military lodger for 8 years for 2 nights a week, and we got on very well. As a teaching assistant, the money has been a really good form of extra income for me, and has added to my basic salary. It is even more beneficial now as the cost of living bites.”

~ Miranda, Wandsworth

MondaytoFridaying ticks the boxes

Getting paid to fill an empty nest and the kids can still come home at weekends”

~ Ceel, Vauxhall.


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