Time. How to get more of it in your life!

Lost time is never found again said the great Benjamin Franklin. How right he was. Time, our most precious commodity is something to be treasured not wasted.

When you work full time all week, you can feel as if somebody else owns your time. Your boss, your colleagues, the traffic, the rail/bus company, the list goes on. The resulting pressure on the weekend can be quite high – tonnes to fit in – social engagements, DIY, taking the kids to various sporting activities and parties and you still need to get on top of the day to day stuff like sorting the house insurance which is up for renewal or picking up some clothing from the dry cleaners…

Then, all too soon it’s Sunday night again. So, the big question – how do you squeeze more time into your life? Wow, let’s go crazy – how do you fit some of the elusive ‘me-time’ into your life?

Easy. You could look at cutting down your commute. But how? If you travel to London from anywhere outside of zone 3, let’s be honest it takes a while – it’s a popular route! You’ve probably worked out countless times how many hours a week you spend commuting - all those hours, all that lost time… So, how about renting a room in a smart London home, a home from home for just the working week and taking back some control over your time? It may sound like a novel idea, but we’ve been in business for over 10 years and have seen hundreds of people inject some more ‘me-time’ into their lives by finding a room on our website mondaytofriday.com.

There are rooms to rent across London, so you could find somewhere close to work, or in an area you’ve always dreamed about living in. Your commute time can be significantly reduced with a nice stroll to and from work and you can really make use of your additional time in the evenings. Some nights you may want to get on top of personal admin and do your washing/ironing for the following working week. Other nights you may want to take in a play, a film, dinner with friends, an art gallery, a long stroll through a park, a run along the river – you could even join a gym! Other nights you might just want to flop in front of the TV, get a haircut or just sit quietly and read a book. Can you imagine? All those things you can squeeze in when you are usually stuck on a stuffy train, sat in traffic on a bus or in the car!

At the weekend, you go home and will feel lighter, fresher and really enjoy your time at home to the full.

Take 5 mins out of your precious day and have a look at mondaytofriday.com. It may just change you life…