“Time will explain…” Jane Austen

October is here and with the ‘big clock change’ at the end of the month, our thoughts are consumed with time…

Is it time that you made life a little easier? Do you have a big commute to work, or have you held back taking a job in a different location because it’s a long way from home?  We may be able to help.


MondaytoFriday specialises in making the working week a whole lot easier.  We advertise rooms to rent just for the working week in homes across the country.  There are all sorts of different options – single rooms, double rooms, self contained attic rooms, rooms with private bathrooms, kitchenettes even their own living rooms.  Some have a cleaner included in the price, others are inclusive of bills and many have gardens for you to use.  Popular cities are London, Bristol and Oxford, but there hundreds of properties in all sorts of locations which may just work very well for you.


Or, you may have a bedroom in your home that you’d like to rent out? You can take advantage of earning up to £4,250 tax free per year by renting your room out for the working week, and you get your home back to yourself at the weekend. It’s a great way to earn some extra cash, have a bit of company in your house during the week and even make a new friend.


As we said, making the working week easier is our thing, so we also advertise desk space and meeting places.  You may be a freelancer or a consultant and need a desk in a particular location for a just a week, or on an ongoing basis? Search our database and you may just find what you need.  Or, do you have an office with an empty desk that you could rent out? 


Finding somewhere to meet can be a real headache. You may want to meet a colleague for a quick catch up, or to host a meeting for some clients in a location away from your normal place of work.


Our database of meeting places includes everything from museum cafes and high street coffee houses in which to have an informal catch up, to private dining rooms, small meeting rooms to host a more formal business meeting or event, through to full-on serious boardrooms.


Or, you could be a coffee shop, a restaurant, a private home, a hotel, a stately home, a business or an office block. Do you have somewhere that people could use to meet? This could just be for an informal catch up with a colleague or client, or a more formal business meeting. Good parking, free wi-fi, near the station and great coffee are all things that will attract people to your meeting place, bringing you extra customers.


It’s time we all made our working week as easy as possible.  Take a look at www.mondaytofriday.com and make autumn the season for positive change.