'Tis the season to be jolly

We are there, the Christmas season has officially started! We all need to be jolly – and if you are renting a room close to work Mon-Fri, you definitely have a reason to be jolly.


MondaytoFriday was set up over 10 years ago and in that time has seen thousands of people rent a room Monday to Friday in houses across the country.  There are many different reasons for doing so, to cut down a long commute – saving time and energy, to take on a job or project which is impossible to commute to on a daily basis, or to work late on a specific project for just a few months


Whatever the reason, renting Monday to Friday has made the lives of these thousands of people a lot easier


So, if you are jolly well fed up with a long commute, or haven’t been able to take on the job of your dreams because the location is too far from home, then take a look at a weekday crash pad at www.mondaytofriday.com.  There are tonnes of rooms in smart homes across the country.   You’ll find a wide range of different offerings from private annexes with their own entrances, loft spaces, cosy rooms in cool apartments, gyms and pools to use, cleaning included, close to parks, near to a river, or in the thick of the action… the list is endless as are the different renting options.  But they all have one thing in common – you rent a room to make your life easier in the week and go back home at the weekend.


We don’t just advertise rooms to rent, we also have desk and meeting space too.  So, if you need a desk in a specific location for a few weeks or on a longer-term basis, have a look at our website.  We’ve got lots of meeting places from informal coffee shops through to formal boardrooms. 

So, if you need to make your working week more joyful, have a look at www.mondaytofriday.com


Season’s greetings to you all!




Do you have an empty desk that could do with some seasonal cheer?  How about renting it out? Or do you have space that people could use to meet? Take a look at our website www.mondaytofriday.com.