Welcome to the weekend mini-break.

We all look forward to the weekend.  The lure of something chilled and time to down tools on a Friday night can make us almost giddy with excitement. Sadly by Saturday morning, many of us are back in work mode. Hectic weekday schedules – too many meetings coupled with long commutes, mean that we need to put in a couple of hours of ‘catching up’ during our precious weekends.

We secretly long for a weekend just for us, to completely switch off and unwind. We think of it as a mini-break – doing things we really enjoy doing, completely unrelated to work and a much-needed recharge of our tired batteries.

How about making this concept a reality.  One that you could actually achieve every weekend?  By moving your weekday work life to one location and keeping your home life separate you can achieve some real balance.  You could even leave everything related to work in your ‘work life home’ and really feel free in your real home over the weekend.  Confused? Welcome to the concept of MondaytoFriday. 

We’ve helped thousands of people over more than ten years achieve a better work life balance. By renting a room close to work Mon-Fri and returning to their real homes at the weekend, they’ve been able to efficiently use their time in the week, freeing up more time for the weekend.

We advertise great rooms to rent in locations all across the country.  There’s a plethora of property types - houses, flats, converted barns, houseboats, mansion houses, Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, sleekly modern, oldy worldly thatched cottages, some with pools and/or gyms, others with roof terraces and bar areas, views of the city, next to the Thames, near to airports, close to stations, overlooking parks or gardens, some even next to Tower Bridge - the list goes on. There are all sorts of benefits and a price and rental terms to suit all situations.

You can literally be a stone’s throw from work Mon-Fri, cutting out your commute and freeing up some time in your week.  By Friday, you travel home and can completely switch off and leave your work life as a distant memory (ready to pick up again on Monday!).

Have a browse on our site and see if we can give you back a weekend mini-break every week!