Would a short commute make you happier than sex?

New research for the Time Out City Life Index shows that a short commute makes Londoners happier than sex.

Apparently it will – according to the Time Out City Life Index. More Londoners report that a 15-30 minute commute makes them happy, than those who claim the same benefit from sex! You can read James Manning’s post here.

Perhaps it shouldn’t surprise us. Anyone who faces a long daily commute knows just how debilitating it can be. The sheer waste of time is enough to send anyone into a spiral of depression. And that’s before you add up the cost, stress and boredom.

It’s the reason we set up mondaytofriday.com. To avoid those long commutes and to make the working week as comfortable, easy and happy as possible. To prove the working week can be enjoyable, even if you have to work a long way from home.

There are other things that also appear to make Londoners happier than sex – seeing live music or theatre, volunteering, exercising and going to the pub are just a few of them. All things you can enjoy when you’re living a good mondaytofriday life.

MondaytoFriday.com puts together people who need to work too far from home, with others who can offer a comfortable base for the working week. Whether it’s for 3 months or 3 years, no more long daily commutes; no more uprooting every time you get a new job; no more soulless hotels.

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Photo: © Pressmaster | Dreamstime.com